cole paintingColeman Webb was born in Vancouver in 1982. He developed a strong desire to paint and create during his adolescence. It was at this time that he developed an affinity for street art, hip-hop culture and began to emerge as a gifted graffiti artist. He was drawn to the medium through it’s freedom of expression and rebellious nature. The occupation of public space with something bright and colourful, executed under the cloak of night was tangible and exciting to him.

Graffiti art is often misunderstood in our culture, which can lead to disruptive and negative consequences. However, it is a medium that has taught Coleman about respect, responsibility and dedication to his craft. This passion has led Coleman to become a strong advocate for graffiti and street art which, when created in a collaborative and therapeutic way, can enrich and beautify a community.

Coleman began painting on canvas and experimenting with differents forms of expression in late adolescence and young adulthood. A constant desire to grow as an artist led Coleman to discover his own unique style. Soon he found himself to be a highly sought after professional artist with numerous requests for large scale murals and commissioned custom works. He has worked collaboratively with many artists on a large variety of projects.  Coleman has completed custom murals and paintings  in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Coleman attributes collaboration to his success. He is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with many talented painters over the years. His style has grown and been nurtured alongside a rich fellowship of artists who continue to inspire him. He works in a variety of mediums, varying from oils to acrylics, spray-paint to wood and other found materials. Coleman has also mentored and worked with youth, helped to facilitate discussions within the community and worked with municipal government to generate creative solutions and ideas for public art projects.

He currently resides in Nelson, B.C. where he can be found working in his studio or on public art projects throughout the area.