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Artist's Statement


Emphasis on unity, community, culture and the environment is important in my work. I always try to make things that express how I feel and that speak out for me. I hope to reach others through my work and make a positive impact on our contemporary culture. Some of my topics are serious, others are just for fun. Whatever the inspiration or message is, making the artwork is always fun for me. There is nothing I like more than collaborating with friends, or working alone in my studio. You start out with nothing and before too long, you have something that you have made that is unique and beautiful. That is the impact I want to make in my life.


I approach each project like a puzzle. I find that, given the right opportunity, the piece will begin to unfold by itself from somewhere inside me, naturally. If you start somewhere, you are bound to end up somewhere. I use paint and other mediums to try and express the ideas that seem to constantly be popping into my head. Sometimes I find that the final product or finished piece is quite different from the original idea. The art takes on a life of it’s own. I like to freestyle pieces and use improvisation while I work to create something unique every time and to keep things fresh.


To me, becoming an artist is the act of using one’s own creativity to invent, improve and expose the inner beauty within an otherwise ordinary piece of canvas, wall or other surface. It takes dedication and confidence to put yourself and your work on display for all to see. I think that I became an artist in an attempt to understand the world around me through my own creations and to feed the burning desire inside of me to create. I would like to thank those who have supported me throughout my journey and continue to inspire me to keep painting and making unique pieces.


10 January

Eastside Murals

Here are some photos of the Eastside murals I helped with in 2009 with Richard Tetrault and the gang.


  • Coleman Webb

    Coleman Webb was born in Vancouver in 1982. He developed a strong desire to paint and create during his adolescence. It was at this time that he developed an affinity for street art, hip-hop culture and began to emerge as a gifted graffiti artist. He was drawn to the medium through it’s freedom of expression and rebellious nature. The occupation of public space with something bright and colourful, executed under the cloak of night was tangible and exciting to him.


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